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2021 TOP 10 Gifts Idea for your Sunbathers, Surfers, Beach Lovers in the Hot Summer

The practical, the funny, and the surprising ones! If you are thinking about gifting to your loved ones (or a self-treat!) who are spending most of their weekends on the beach, here are our ten best recommendations -  


1. Large-volume shoulder bag

The first and most recommended one. An oversized and wide-mouthed tote is essential for holding all the items you need to spend the day at the beach - water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, large-size towel, a clean set of clothes, shampoo, iPad or your phone, you name it. It's even better if it comes with thick rope handles.




2. A good book to read 

Not all beach lovers are the same – some just want to spend their day on the beach reading a book or magazine, with any iced drink on hand. Examples - A book about mindfulness, your favorite fictions, novels on love story...just avoid anything too academic or heavy. Seaside reading is all about relaxing your body and mind! Oh yea – Kindle is an alternative choice! 


 book to read on the beach


3. Light tone loose T-shirt 

Along the line, items like swimming suits or sunglasses might also work but these are a tad risky for issues like wrong size or style fit. But no one can resist a comfy loose-fit beach tee that brings the summer vibes. T-shirts with good prints are never enough!  

Tips: Go for tshirt in light tones, why? - it’s the most comfortable on an ultra-hot day under the sun if you don't want your clothing to absorb lots of heat. However – please do put on your sunscreen with protection from both UVA and UVB rays! Sunscreens SPF 50+ and above is recommended. 



4. Portable changing mat / bag 

For the serious surfer, wild swimmers, snorkelers, fishermen or the ultimate beach lovers.  

If you don’t know what that is – changing mats or bags are designed to prevent sand /dirt from sticking to our body when getting changed while out in the field. This is one of the common surfing accessories and there is a number of good brands out there in the market. Look for sturdy, collapsible, compact, flexible ones. Check out this site.


changing clothes beach 


5. Machine-washable long towel 

A practical and safe option. A towel with lively summer print is great also for lounging around by the pool. It can be multi-functional and be used as a tanning bed, cover-up and blanket for shower. Consider nature, bright-color, or geometric prints that brings summer or tropical vibes. P.S. you want a beach towel that endures wear and tear, with sand-free and quick dry features. (Keep reading for the long towel with matching flip-flop! - one of my favourites!)


6. Chic summer floppy hat 

A wide brim, foldable, soft, light weight straw hat sounds like the perfect one to go for. Bucket hats or boater hats are great too. Just make sure you find one that match the style of your loved ones, we all love hats that are both practical and aesthetic. See some recommendations here 



7. A pair of IG-friendly Flip-flop 

Together with a beach bag or long towel, a pair of matching sandal works perfectly as a present set. Again, choose materials that are quick dry and sand-free. Don’t forget - a good pair of slippers are popular Instagram-able items, choose the right pattern wisely! 




8. Colorful beach toys for kids 

An idea for families. Trust me, nothing is more important than keeping the kids busy all day long at the beach. What about a set of beach toys like castle molds, buckets, shovels, rakes? Oh – don't forget water gun! 


kid toys on the beach


9. A robust foldable beach chair  

A durable and multi-functional beach chair might be another practical one to consider – look for features like light-weight material, high-grade chair fabric, attached umbrellas (a good-to-have isn’t it?), side tables, zip pockets to store small gadgets, compact and portable design, easy carrying handle / strap.  


 beach chair


10. A niche design inflatable (which means, consider not just the typical banana, pink flamingo, or unicorn floats!) 

For your teenager or party buddies. A tad crazy one but who would not love this? Loads of cool ideas here.



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